The following are carefully considered and recommended resources for the
benefit of your health & wellness


Access to practitioner grade supplements, as well as personal care products, food and beverage items delivered to your door. 

Fasting Mimicking Diet

Order your 5 day Fasting Mimicking Diet formulated by the team of researchers led by Valter Longo, Phd at USC's Longevity Institute.

Shopping Lists

Find Sue's recommended shopping list and order your groceries online! Customize your order and have it delivered to your door. Use referral code SBENTSEN108 to get $10 off your first order.  

THRIVE MARKET - Online Natural Foods Store

An organic, “real food” online membership store offering 30-50% off retail prices of many natural products and health foods.

Paleo On the Go - Prepared meal delivery

A meal delivery service offering KETO, AutoImmune Paleo and Strict 30 meal options. Use our affiliate code RECODE and receive $15 off your first order.


Customized meal planning made easy! Whatever food restriction or preferences you follow, you can use this tool to select recipes, create shopping lists, and inspire you with menu items each month.

Purity Coffee

Follow this link and enter coupon code RECODE to receive 30% off your first order of organic, exceptionally produced coffee delivered to your door. 

Life Without Plastic

Earth friendly alternatives to plastic for everyday life.

Environmental Working Group Consumer Giude

A great app to download to a mobile device and refer to when you are shopping for personal care products and recommended foods to reduce your toxin burden.

EMF Building Assessment and Remediation

Looking for an EMF assessment of your home or work space? Building biologist and EMF remediation expert, Risa Sazuki provides comprehensive assessment, education and strategies to reduce exposures. 

Food Matters TV

Looking for inspiration? Look no further! FMTV is a wealth of information and inspiration to drive your best intentions forward.

Sound Therapy Device

Reap the many health benefits from the revolutionary HUSO, sound therapy device using this home unit. Order yours today with the affiliate code rec2236. 

Water Filtration

Whole house water filtration is ideal. Alternatively, a kitchen based or counter top system to ensure filtered water for drinking and cooking is recommended. This product line offered by Berkey Water filtration system is highly regarded.

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Susan Bentsen, LLC is an affiliate of many of the sites or services listed above, which provide us a means to earn fees by linking to these sites or services. Being an affiliate also allows us to pass on promotional savings to our clients. 

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