Announcing... ReNew YOU 2019

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

I am excited to share with you a little bit about my latest passion project.

As many of you know, I have had the privilege of working with patients, one-on-one in my private practice for some time now. In my experience working with individuals and their families dealing with early onset cognitive decline, it has become increasingly more apparent….

Mid-life health behaviors have a profound effect on brain and body wellness in the decades that follow.

You might be shocked to know that I am talking about people in their 50’s, many of whom are affected NOT because of genetic predisposition (ApoE4/4), but because of lifestyle based exposures and metabolic imbalances that drive the progression of disease. What is most important to understand is that many of these factors that originate as common health issues such as metabolic syndrome, hormone imbalances, or inflammatory disorders can be corrected and prevent debilitating conditions that typically ensue, when and if they are identified and addressed early.

So my pitch today is somewhat a public service announcement meets call to action.

In the spirit of empowering others towards a health promoting lifestyle (as well as an effort to expand my reach and extend my services), I have created a 4-week, online Group Wellness Program designed to help others achieve much of what I do in one-on-one consultations. It is delivered in an engaging format loaded with my best tips, tricks, and resources delivered directly to your inbox. It facilitates interaction among participants, as well as clinical nutritionists to make improving your health fun and affordable.

The program, called ReNew YOU 2019 begins January 6th, 2019 and is enrolling NOW.

Comprehensive in nature, it leads participants through diet and lifestyle changes that address common health concerns such as:

  • weight loss resistance

  • trouble sleeping

  • low energy

  • muscle aches

  • inflammation

  • digestive issues

  • mental fatigue

  • hormonal imbalances

  • improving overall well-being

These common health concerns are what I think of as access points, or WINDOWS OF OPPORTUNITIES to affect change.

How can a 4-week online program do all that, you ask? Through a Functional Medicine approach, incorporating diet & lifestyle measures to reduce the body’s toxic burden, restore balance, and optimize function.

Brains can be rehabilitated, chronic illness can be overcome, however prevention is a much sounder path to pursue! Remember that I stated earlier that much of what I see clinically that is driving disease progression, IS PREVENTABLE.

Episodes of brain fog, mood swings, increasing fatigue or waist circumference should not be easily dismissed.

If you are not already aware, our lives are increasing impacted by the toxic soup we are marinating in. Given what and how much we are exposed to, your body’s natural detoxification systems can become overwhelmed and challenged at best. So the question no longer is, “Are we toxic?” but rather, “How toxic are we?” If you haven’t viewed a very compelling 20 minute presentation entitled “10 Americans” by the Environmental Working Group , I encourage you to take the time to view it here. Everyday detoxification strategies – something as simple as incorporating Epsom salt bath into a weekly routine – can aide your body in its ability to process and eliminate toxins.

The 4-week program, not only walks you through a Lifestyle Action Plan, it takes “wellness” a step further by incorporating a 10-day metabolic detoxification. This additional, targeted approach to supplying the body with specific nutrients (that we are all too often deficient in) facilitates balanced detoxification and improved excretion of toxins and heavy metals. More frequent and deliberate means of detoxification are often what is needed to allow your body to reset & restore its natural functions to further “protect and serve” you on a daily basis.

In light of this new offering I took the opportunity to refresh my website in ways I hope it will be user friendly and resourceful!

It would mean a great deal to me if you would…

A limited time offer exists! Those that enroll on or before Dec 15th will receive a 3-month subscription to Food Matters TV (FMTV): a $30 value and incredible resource that boasts a broad array of inspiring documentaries, health topics, and more.

P.S. You can find more information on the 10-day component of the ReNew YOU 2019 program at