Feel better faster with... 

"The consistent program that you follow,
is better than the perfect program that you quit"

ReCode Nutrition utilizes several therapeutic food plans carefully designed to address unique health issues; developed by leading institutions and nutrition research organizations such as the Institute for Functional Medicine, The Cleveland Clinic, Monash University, Metagenics Institute and more. 

ReCode Nutrition offers self-directed, online courses featuring these food plans, along with diet and lifestyle strategies, tips and resources that lead to increased success and lasting change. Upon enrollment, the mini-course provides you instant access to a Food Plan, Comprehensive Guide, & Weekly Planner with recipes and shopping list along with tutorial videos to guide your success and
create lasting change. Both the ReNew and Mito/KetoFlex programs deliver information released every other day over two weeks to allow time to not only apply what you've learned but build consistent new health habits. The content can be easily accessed on mobile devices to tune in when you’re on the go. 

Each Online Mini-Courses includes: 


  • Your therapeutic Food Plan

  • A Comprehensive Guide

  • Weekly Planner, Shopping Lists & Recipes 



Each course provides you instant access to your therapeutic Food Plan,
Comprehensive Guide, & Weekly Planner with recipes and shopping list,

as well as, a tutorial video with tips specific to the plan.

All materials are delivered via your client portal which can be accessed on
mobile devices to tune in when you’re on the go.


You'll receive email notification every other day linking you to
educational materials including videos, tracking tools, and informational handouts
with the option to download and print for future use.


The ReNew Plan (12-day course):

This therapeutic diet is transformational in correcting metabolism, blood sugar regulation, food cravings, feelings of low energy AND improving mental clarity. Similar to the Whole 30 or a "clean" diet, the ReNew Food Plan removes foods that can be connected to health issues and trigger inflammation such as sugar, alcohol, dairy, gluten, grains, and processed foods and emphasizes foods to support the body's immune and detoxification systems.

This plan is instrumental as a first step intervention for those embarking on
the Bredesen ReCODE protocol.


Healthy Food

The Mito-KetoFlex Plan (14-day course):

Perfect for those new to a ketogenic diet, the Mito-KetoFlex course offers both a dairy free food plan as well as a food plan that includes dairy. Both options provide an anti-inflammatory, low-carbohydrate, healthy fats, ketogenic approach to eating. 

The dairy free plan is recommended for those interested in improving brain health, and/or implementing the Bredesen ReCODE protocol after going gluten and dairy free (see the ReNew Food Plan listed above).  

The plan is designed to support mild ketosis, improving mitochondrial function, insulin resistance, and blood sugar regulation while reducing inflammation: preventing, and/or slowing cellular damage associated with chronic illness including neurologic disease and accelerated ageing.

Caution is warranted to those who have underlying kidney, gallbladder, or pancreatic disease or have a low Body Mass Index (BMI) or take certain prescription medications. It is strongly recommended that you discuss whether a ketogenic diet is right for you BEFORE making any dietary changes with a health care provider.