Feel better faster with... 

ReNew YOU 2019 

Now with the ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet
as an optional add-on! 
Try it for one month and get 20% off, a $50 savings!

21-day kick start to wellness!

  • Boost energy and mood

  • Reset metabolism & breakthrough resistant
    weight loss

  • Improve focus and mental clarity

  • Reduce sugar cravings

  • Restore healthy sleep patterns

  • Improve digestion and gut health

  • Reduce inflammation & enhance overall well-being


ReNew YOU Online Course $199

ReNew YOU Online Course 

ReNew YOU Exclusive Offer

Get 20% off
ProLon's 5-day
Fasting Mimicking Diet
with ReNew YOU enrollment -

a $50 savings!


Your 21-day Course Includes...

1. Comprehensive tools and resources:

  • The ReNew Food Plan & Guide

  • Weekly menu with recommended food substitutions

  • ReNew YOU recipes and shopping guides


2. Weekly action plans with to build integrative strategies into your daily routine, targeting your health goals and optimizing your success.


3. Three education modules: 

  • Week 1:

    • Enhancing metabolism, kicking cravings to the curb, 
      and resolving chronic inflammation 

  • Week 2:

    • Mastering immune and gut health while lowering toxic burden 

  • Week 3:

    • The role of intermittent fasting in maintaining optimal health and vitality 

ReNew YOU Online Course $ 199


More About...
ReNew YOU 2019
Online Group Wellness Program 

More Details...

The ReNew Food Plan* complete with weekly meal planner, recipes, and shopping lists

Weekly action plans with simple strategies to incorporate health promoting habits into your daily routine delivered directly to your inbox

Education modules to help you understand how diet & lifestyle are connected to oxidative stress, inflammation, immune function, hormone imbalances, gut and brain health

Comprehensive tools and resources to sustain your ReNew YOU  lifestyle action plan


20% discount off your first Box of ProLon's Fasting Mimicking Diet, a $50 savings.

*The ReNew Food plan was developed in collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic and the Institute for Functional Medicine

The ReNew YOU
Course and Food Plan
is used as a first step in:

Ridding the body of the most common foods that cause inflammation

Identifying food allergies, sensitivities, intolerances and triggers

Eliminating foods with potentially addictive and harmful components

Providing nutritional support for the body’s detoxification systems

Empowering individuals to engage in health promoting behaviors for maintaining vitality & ageing well

What the ReNew YOU Online Course IS:

The ReNew YOU Food Plan:
Is a 21-day food plan eliminating foods that can be connected to health issues and trigger inflammation such as sugar, dairy, gluten, and 
processed foods. Similar to The Whole 30 Diet, or what is often referred to as a "clean diet" the ReNew Food Plan emphasizes foods that reduce stimulation of the immune system and support the body's detoxification systems.

This program is facilitated by a licensed healthcare provider.

What the ReNew YOU Program ISN'T:

The ReNew YOU Online Course is not a calorie restricted diet. While many individuals may realize weight loss it is not intended to be a weight loss program. The benefits of improving metabolic function, often facilitate greater ease in weight loss moving forward.

Disclaimer: This program and products therein are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

If you currently take supplements or prescription medication, please speak with your health care specialist before making any changes. Must be 18 years or older to enroll.

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